Healthcare organizations are confronted with a slew of issues. Their teams must adapt to shifting reimbursement methods, preserve patient privacy, and keep up with technological advances all while enhancing patient care and tackling mountains of patient data. Digital transformation also brings major challenges to organizations weighed down by legacy systems, data overload and operational stress.

Sails provides IT solutions and related services to businesses, ranging from solution consulting to support, to help them facilitate digital lead creation and improve application processing and claim management efficiency.

Sails has extensive experience delivering lean processes in the healthcare industry. We have a proven track experience of conducting, developing and automating testing in complicated, legacy technology systems.

Clients rely on our valuable knowledge in the areas of provider consolidation, large-scale integration issues, cost-effective innovation, and efficient use of limited resources. Sails can help healthcare providers who are overwhelmed by data or enmeshed in a web of never-ending technology.

We at Sails think that moving in the correct path requires an agile attitude, deliberate investments in business and system transformation, and a laser-like emphasis on quality. Our experts are ready to assist your company in considering and achieving the following goals:

We provide the following services:

Consulting and assessment:

  • Feasibility study to define IT environment optimization steps, care digitization projects with optimal change costs and max beneficial outcomes.
  • Identifying security flaws and unmet demands, then developing tech solutions to address them.
  • Performance management, enhancement, optimization, and evolution of applications.

Application Modernization

  • Modernization of legacy healthcare applications
  • Upgrading information security safeguards (e.g., network protection, application security) and HIPAA compliance (data access controls, etc.).
  • Healthcare applications integration (EHR, medical imaging software, practice management software, etc.)

Cloud migration

  • Cloud migration strategy with cost-efficiency
  • Step-by-step migration approach: splitting applications into modules to migrate them incrementally.
  • Selection of a HIPAA-compliant cloud.

Data analytics and performance management

  • Performance evaluation and efficiency analysis of internal processes
  • Software idea conceptualization based on organization’s objectives and needs analysis.

We Assist in:

  • Choosing appropriate solutions and maximizing functionality to satisfy your business’s requirements.
  • Business analysis to elicit your automation requirements.
  • End-to-end solution implementation.
  • Testing and QA
  • After-launch support.
  • Continuous solution maintenance and evolution.