Our greatest strength is our people, which is why we provide access to tools and resources, tailored to individual needs from performance management to skill development. Is your interest in honing your skills in Web Development, Mobile Development, Big Data problems, Agile Methodology, or DevOps? Come join us. We offer in-house technical training and professional learning programs aimed at developing skills.

It’s not all work

We work hard and play hard. Our guiding principle has always been to find the right individuals and provide them with the right environment to excel.

We think it’s fine to work hard and grin along the way, so say it quietly. We think it’s healthy to look forward to those moments when you’re not at work and can do whatever you want. We want you to be proud of your accomplishments at work and in the wider world.

The best balance between work and fun

We trust our employees to strike the right work-life balance for them. We want all of our employees to have a decent quality of life, and our benefits are designed to assist them in doing so.

Our Culture @SAILS binds us together. It is the heart of our strategy, values, and workforce. It's what we believe and how we work together as a team.

Following are some of the traits of individuals who fit well in our environment:

  • Are passionate at what they do
  • Like working in a team
  • Look to make a difference on a daily basis
  • Work hard
  • Eager to learn something new every day and in everything they do
  • Feel satisfied in what they do
  • Finally, have a good laugh

Employee Stories

Join The Tribe

It’s also OK to take pleasure in the company of your peers. Our employees are continually expanding their networks and exchanging ideas with coworkers who value their curiosity about the world. Our mentorship programs and commitment to personal growth will assist you in moving forward more quickly and making the difference you desire.