Through integrated services, enterprise architecture, and consultancy, we provide next-generation application lifecycle management.

We offer data quality, governance, visualization, master data management, and artificial intelligence (AI) services.

Our Offerings

Retail and corporate banks: Our solutions cut across the business value chain including personalization, AI, API automation, DevOps implementation and more
Capital markets: Our customer experience strategy, digital foundation, and sophisticated analytics assist in the management of margins, costs, regulatory, and operational concerns.
Governance, risk and compliance: Data aggregation, reporting, regulatory compliance, financial crime, risk analytics, and credit risk management are among the services offered.

We assist our clients in ensuring the quality of their services to demanding customers while being compliant with regulatory requirements.

    Change is Inevitable

    Financial services firms are caught in the middle of a balancing act. They must adapt to changing customer expectations or risk losing market share to agile FinTech start-ups and digital-native Challenger Banks. Traditional banks must accept and adapt new technology as rapidly and safely as possible, despite the fact that they are sometimes hampered by complicated legacy systems. Increasing regulatory pressure, aimed at protecting consumer rights, has made vigilant monitoring a business responsibility.

    As old doors close, new ones open in their place. Yes, change is always risky. Those organizations, on the other hand, that can effectively identify and manage the risks posed by this transformation, as well as keep up with the ever-increasing rate of change, will be able to maximize commercial value. “We at Sails are ready to help”

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    The contest to be the most agile

    A tech-first strategy is now the only viable option. Banks' capacity to combat cyber risk and compete with highly scalable alternative banking providers, who are cutting the loan cycle from weeks to hours, will be determined by how they use Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Cloud Technology.

    Our clients are digitizing their customer journeys and transforming their businesses. They're developing more agile working methods, increasing efficiency, developing essential future skills in-house, and modernizing through focused investments in technology, data, and information.

      Benefits of Partnering with Sails

      Sails is the premier financial services quality expert. Using established approach, industrialized automation solutions, global delivery, and deep domain understanding, our consultants detect and manage business risk in technology-led transitions. Clients will implement ongoing quality to drive digitalization and innovation with Sails as their trusted partner.

      We have the expertise and ability to ensure the processes and technologies that support millions of daily banking transactions across the full financial services area.

      • Retail banking
      • Investment banking and wealth management
      • Banking for businesses
      • Mortgages and lending
      • Cards and payments

      We collaborate closely with international organizations to assist them in navigating the challenges brought on by regulatory reform and digital disruption.

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