Sails' development operations approach combines software development, quality assurance, agile delivery, and IT operations to help you expedite software development and enhance quality. We make it possible for you to create high-quality software products and services while boosting operational efficiency.

Sails' DevOps knowledge may be used to areas including strategy, planning, execution, and managed IT services.

  • Roadmap for DevOps
  • Cloud Operations Service for Automation (AWS, Azure and Google Cloud)
  • Integrated Development Environment with Infrastructure as Code
  • Continuous Deployment/Continuous Integration
  • Analysis of the Code
  • Test Deployment

DevOps provides benefits throughout the development, delivery, and operations life cycles, but if businesses perceive it solely as a technical solution and overlook the human components, it can be dangerous.

DevOps can be unproductive if it lacks leadership, teamwork, and internal buy-in, as it slows down processes, stifles innovation, creates silos, and creates products that don’t adapt to market needs.

DevOps will substantially contribute to developing an agile, value-driven culture that can adapt to the quickly changing environment around you when the correct behaviors become second nature across the organization.

Our DevOps strategy and entire range of services, including Business Agility, Quality Engineering, and Quality Assurance, at Sails can deliver both capability and capacity, resulting in customer success stories.

We’re so confident in our DevOps methodology that we apply the same technologies, processes, and philosophies in our own company as we do for our clients. Finding personnel with the proper expertise is perhaps the biggest roadblock to successful adoption. We’re happy to have some of the most skilled developers, testers, analysts, and change managers working for us at Sails’.

Our Sails DevOps methodology is built on four pillars that, when integrated, result in lowest effort for greatest value, delivering safely, early, and frequently.

Building, testing, and deploying product

We assist companies in developing new projects in short cycles so that they may be released to customers reliably and rapidly at any time decreasing manual labor and human mistake with effective automation. With effective automation, you will reduce cost by reducing manual effort and human error.

Maximizing communication and collaboration

Means having the right people in the right places at the right time. We assist companies in fostering internal creativity, cooperation, and alignment. Instead of superheroes, you’ll need cross-functional collaboration.

Feedback and Operation

We assist clients in getting their product out to their own customers as soon as possible and collecting structured user input that influences the next stage of development through operations.

We offer end-to-end cloud security for apps, infrastructure, data, the workplace, and compliance, as well as security posture assessments by geography and industry.

Business value is measured, visualized, and realized.

We help clients avoid waste, incorporate change into the process, and maximized the delivery of useful software by providing actionable quality and business intelligence.