Cloud Services Solutions helps you identify and integrate the cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning system and vendors that precisely meet your needs and goals. Using a shared public cloud infrastructure at least cost consumption model. we use the newest technologies to assist organizations minimize maintenance costs, enable data accessible around the globe, and enhance performance with fewer resources.

We offer the following services : simplifying complex business processes

Cloud Operations & Management

Our expertise in cloud infrastructure and cloud application development can help your company achieve high availability and continuous optimization across the business application ecosystem in a hybrid cloud. They’re driven by Cognitive Intelligence Platform and Cloud Brokerage Platform, and they’re designed on an adaptive converged cloud Ops model.

Cloud-Native App Development

Sails provides end-to-end extensible tooling for cloud-native app development. We at Sails accelerates, leverages new cloud capabilities, and enables apps to build, deploy and become cloud-native without compromising security or quality. We build, run, operate cloud-native apps and embrace modern approaches like serverless, microservices, and containers.

Cloud Architecture and Planning

The cloud architecture and planning service offers thorough advice on how to overcome barriers to cloud adoption and optimization. It allows for the creation of a tailored business-ready plan that incorporates infrastructure and platform strategy, enhanced security and cyber resilience, and management models.

We assist in the establishment of a cloud reference framework using SOA, Microsoft

CAF, AWS WAF, and cloud reference architectures for enterprise cloud or SAP on Azure.

Cloud Migration & Modernization

With our scalable cloud migration and cloud modernization services, we help organizations develop a complete cloud migration plan, overcome the issue, and enable enterprises to identify, implement, and move data to the cloud.

We have expertise in providing better customer experience, ensure application performance with cloud migration services, and increase availability using third-party tools and pre-defined templates tailored to individual workloads.

Cloud Security

Sails helps you evaluate your cloud infrastructure, safeguard business data and assets, adhere to rules, and develop trust. We use industry-leading technologies to safeguard your company's cloud data from attacks and vulnerabilities.

We offer end-to-end cloud security for apps, infrastructure, data, the workplace, and compliance, as well as security posture assessments by geography and industry.

Cloud Engineering and Automation

With cloud engineering solutions at various points of your software development and operations environment, we assist Enterprises integrate a whole new set of variables into the delivery efforts.

Our Team has the expertise to get your cloud up and operating without interfering with your delivery processes. With our end-to-end cloud automation capabilities, we can automate your whole cloud infrastructure, allowing you to realize the full business benefit of automation.

Cloud Strategy and Roadmap

Our cloud strategy and roadmap services link with a single cloud vision and create a roadmap for laying a digital foundation, improving IT agility, and ensuring long-term viability. By using a holistic approach, we can assist you in conceiving, planning, and implementing logical milestones on your cloud computing journey.

We create a framework for public, private, and hybrid cloud approaches, as well as assess the present condition of applications and suggest the best solutions. Our experts design business cases with a metrics-driven ROI roadmap to support a cloud strategy, improve IT agility, and improve sustainability.

Portfolio of Cloud Services - No obstacle is insurmountable. To speed our clients' road to value, we expand our industry expertise and complete cloud services through a vast global network of business leaders and innovators.