Business analytics is critical in determining how to improve business strategy, operations, and create data-driven decisions that lead to a competitive edge.

BizOps, social interactions, and sensors all contribute to the vast volumes of data that organizations collect. Sails ‘Analytics assists businesses in leveraging the potential of big data, developing automated solutions, and providing insights that contribute to long-term competitive advantage.

The Sails’ Analytics strategy entails drawing up a roadmap for addressing gaps and executing a best-in-class analytics practice utilizing our established DAP (Discover,Assess, and Prioritize) Framework.

Our business analytics and big data insights have aided businesses in increasing efficiency, lowering costs, increasing competitiveness, and efficiently balancing risk and opportunity.

Data sprawl is only a problem if it isn’t controlled. That’s exactly what Sails’ big data analytics products do. To keep your workloads running, move faster, grow easily, and guarantee optimum uptime.

Why Sails’ for Big Data Analytics?

Rapidly gaining insights from data is crucial for today’s businesses, with leaders and analytics teams under pressure to harness their varied datasets. Structured or unstructured, stored in the data center or cloud, generated by humans or machines, data is your basis for competitive advantage. By leveraging Sails’ solutions for your big data analytics, you increase resource utilization and eliminate unnecessary data copies.


  • Scalable performance, availability and recovery, and system efficiency
  • Realize improved performance, data availability, scalability, data protection, and many other advantages—compared to Splunk workloads running on commodity servers with internal drives.
  • Balance performance- Reduce costs without sacrificing durability