Our Story

Founded by Kiran A Sangita, our journey started in 2015 as a startup in the Human Capital Management space with a group of 7 highly passionate developers, who set out to make a difference in the domain. Parsing terabytes of resume and candidate data, we believe we built the best search engine drawing insights and taxonomy from the data linking key terms. We built the product and grew the user base exponentially before selling it off.

In 2017, we set out to help like-minded startups in their technology journey by partnering with them. We grew the team year after year solely through referrals and word of mouth, without any sales team.

    Our Mission

    At Sails, we are passionate about making our clients succeed and strongly believe in the statement “Our clients success is our success“.

    We partner with businesses across several major industries in making amazing software products with ever-evolving technology and processes. Since its inception, Sails has worked with numerous organizations to deliver on their needs and the needs of their customers through next-generation services in Design Thinking and Platforms. Knowing that businesses have to do more than just keep up with trends, we help our clients succeed with breakthroughs that disrupt industries and expectations.